Saturday, January 10, 2009

10 Hot Color Combinations

As we head into 2009, many brand new brides-to-be will begin planning for their big events later this year or perhaps in 2010.  It's a wonderful time to be getting married!  Not only are there an increasing number of exciting and enticing options in venues, food and entertainment, but even when it comes to the basic building blocks of a wedding, there are more choices than ever before. 

Take color, for instance.  Below you'll find my Top 10 list of combinations for 2009, and I think you'll agree that they go above and beyond the safe, soft standards.  Whether they bring to mind a chic, 60's Mod mindset or the mouthwatering offerings of an Italian gelato shop, these colors will create an eye-catching wedding palette that's anything but boring.

10 Hot Color Combinations for 2009

Black, White & Mustard


Butter & Rouge

Celery & Raspberry

Charcoal & Pool

Chestnut & Lavender

Creamsicle & Pool

Hot Pink & Navy

Grape & Silver

Fuchsia & Coral

Rhubarb & Moss

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Kristin Greenlee said...

ooh, yes, I love talking color. I love the charcoal and pool, hot pink and navy, and ruhbarb and moss.