Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Small Plates, Big Impact

As a wedding planner, one of the biggest parts of my job is keeping an eye on trends. A wedding offers dozens (if not hundreds) of opportunities to show off your style, and at any given point in time, no matter what detail we’re discussing, there’s always something new that deserves a closer look.

When it comes to wedding day dining, there’s one trend in particular that we have come to love here at As You Wish...: microplates. While you may have never heard this term before, it could be just the thing to take your wedding meal over the top. Much like a tasting menu or a flight of tapas, microplates are a creative way to offer guests several distinct options as part of one mouthwatering buffet.

Imagine this: Your guests arrive at the reception, smiling and festive, but a little wary of what lies ahead. They wonder, Will this be another dry chicken breast and limp geen bean affair? But as they round a corner into the dining room, eyes light up and gasps are heard as they catch sight of a sumptuous spread. Now, the only question left on their minds is where to begin: To the left is a comfort food station, complete with tomato-glazed meatloaf and gourmetmac-and-cheese. Up ahead is an elegant Mid-East feast of grilled kebobs and creamy hummus with vegetables and pita. The choices are tempting, and each stop is stocked with small plates to make sampling a breeze. Trust me - your guests will be talking about this for years to come!

The concept of microplates offers the bride and groom a unique opportunity to showcase their personal style. For instance, what if he’s a Native New Yorker, and she’s a Southern Belle? A buffet could include favorites from each of their hometowns, paying tribute to both sides of the new family – thin crust pizzas, perhaps, and golden chicken fried steaks with cream gravy.

Another option is exploring international cuisine. A few culinary treats from around the world could be incorporated into a global buffet by offering sushi, pasta and stir-fry stations, or a selection of Tex-Mex favorites. Finally, a one-of-a-kind spread is a great way to get creative, to play with your food. Mashed potato bars are always a big hit, and mini-burger sliders are fun crowd-pleasers as well.

At As You Wish..., we're all about individual style, and microplates are a great way to add a delicious new element to your wedding.


Ken said...

I have seen this trend as well, and I like it, especially if I can sample things I might not otherwise be exposed to. Also, mashed potato bars seem to be giving way to mac&cheese bars, or my personal favorite, a risotto bar (I'll have mine with sun dried tomatoes and calamata olives :)

Robin said...

"gourmetmac-and-cheese"! What a great idea! :-)