Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Crowning Touch

Her gown was white, as was her veil. She carried a simple bouquet of white roses as well. …All the better to showcase that show-stopping hair piece!
When Carrie Bradshaw, a.k.a. Sarah Jessica Parker, made her grand wedding entrance in the film version of Sex and the City, all eyes were on her stunning feathered hair ornament. In jewel-toned shades of turquoise, emerald and amethyst, it added a touch of old-Hollywood drama with a modern-day, fashion-forward twist. Simply put, it made the look – so how about adding a special crowning touch on your day, too?

There is nothing wrong with the tried-and-true tiara, but how about something sassy, something stunning, something sexy? Consider the following options when planning your look, and you’re sure to make as grand an entrance as Carrie herself!

Headbands: Whether delicately thin and diamond-studded or wide and covered in cream-colored lace, a headband offers many opportunities for customization and coordination with your dress. In combination with an up ‘do or dramatic side part, they add a special touch to a formal look.

Hats: Channeling Jackie O.? How about a 1920’s-era flapper? Small hats are all about personality. A pillbox-style hat with a small attached veil is especially stunning on a bride with short hair. Choose a shimmering finish for added flair.

Floral and Feathers: Sometimes called “fascinators”, hair ornaments featuring feathers, flowers or other eye-catching decorations are a low-maintenance way to add drama to any hairstyle. Tucked into a chignon, an oversized lily or gardenia is stunning. A jeweled comb, depending on the scale, can be either demure or daring. Size is the key in this category.

Mix It Up: Use two or more of these options together to create a one-of-a-kind look. Abigail Barnett-Luby (pictured above and left) illustrates this strategy beautifully. On her day, this bride combined a relaxed, wavy bun, a floral “fascinator” and a small veil to create a look all her own.

Links: Here are links to just a few of my favorite hair accessory sites. Happy shopping!

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Ken said...

see, this is why you're so good at what you do and why we men aren't. I would just never think of a detail like that. Men (including me) usually get to "what kind of tuxedo will I wear" and we stop there. Fortunately, there must be something redeeming about us you ladies let us hang around :)

Nate Disarro (www.natedisarrophoto.com) said...

Shari! This is such a small world! Abbey and I grew up in church together in Lubbock! So crazy that you've worked with Sara and Landon AND go to Watermark too! Hope all is well, we had a blast getting to know you!

Heather Disarro