Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Write Stuff: The Art of Writing a Perfect Thank-you note

Your mother probably taught you these rules since you were little, but every now and then we could all use a brush-up on etiquette! These are all found in the Fifth Edition of Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette.

Whom to thank:
Everyone who gives you a wedding present
-This includes everyone who hands you a present, no matter how much you thank them in person. One exception is a group gift from more than four or five co-workers – you can send them a group thank you note.
Everyone who gives you money-Cash, checks, contributions to savings and investment accounts, donations to charities. You can mention amounts if you want, doing so assures the givers that currency arrived intact and account deposits were correct.
Your attendants-attach a card with a personal sentiment to their gift.
People who entertain for you- These notes should go out no later than two days after the event. When more than one person hosts a shower or a party for you, write each person or couple.
People who house and/or entertain your guests- When family and friends invite out of town guests or attendants to stay in their homes, you should thank the hosts.
People who do a kindness for you-Anyone who assists you during your preparations, the wedding itself, and after the big event should be graciously thanked. It's also nice to send notes to your officiant and anyone else {musicians, etc.} who worked with you on the ceremony, even if you've paid them the customary fee.
Suppliers and Vendors-Anyone who exceeds your expectations will appreciate it!

A few other hints:
* A good suggestion is to set a daily goal. Completing three or four notes a day doesn't seem nearly as impossible as writing a hundred notes within a month. The accepted standard: your thank-you notes should be written and sent within three months of receipt of each gift.
*Share the responsibility with the groom!
*Always sign with your maiden name before the wedding, married name afterward. If using monogrammed stationery, notes sent by the bride before the wedding will have her maiden name initials, post-wedding notes will have her married initials.

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Thanks for the information. Thank you notes play very important role in the wedding etiquette. If the person is sending thank you note definitely the other people in another side will be happy.