Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Place Cards, Table Numbers, Menu Cards ... oh my!

There’s one wedding etiquette custom that often leads to much confusion. Escort cards, place cards, menu cards …what does it all mean? Many brides have these timeless traditions as part of their reception, especially if they are hosting a dinner served by a wait staff. It is also a fabulous way to show off your personal style! However, these are by no means required. Many weddings, especially those serving a buffet dinner (or stations) opt out. Either way, we want you to be informed, so the next time you find yourself in that situation, you are able to execute finding your table with grace and ease!

Escort Cards – These cards are used to let each guest know what table they’re assigned to. The classic escort card is a small envelope with the guest name on the envelope and the table assignment on the card inside. For a personal touch, you could write a personal note to each guest on the inside. The most formal designation is: Mr. and Mrs. John Doe, exactly how guests were addressed on the formal invitation envelope. There are many variations or more casual alternatives to listing the names. If you have any questions, contact As You Wish… for help! A note: when using escort cards, it’s important to have the table numbers very visible!

Place Cards- This card is on the table at the place assigned to the guest. There are many classic and stylish ways to design these cards, the most traditional being a white or ecru card. However, many brides get very creative – the only requirement is the name be visible somewhere!

Menu Cards- A personalized menu card could be used as an alternative to the place card. These are often used when you’re giving your guests a choice of entrée. These cards will have the guest’s name at the top and the different courses and food options listed below.
{Information courtesy of WeddingUSA}

Do you feel better equipped with this knowledge? If you have any etiquette questions, be sure and ask us at As You Wish… and we’d be glad to guide you! Happy planning!

Here's a few adorable escort cards!

We love the fabulous ways you can display a table number!

Two beautiful ideas for displaying a menu card. Isn't that china to die for?

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