Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sassy and Classy: Top 10 Things We Love About Dallas Brides

Photo by JosephMark Photography

1. Style - Women here know exactly what they're after. It makes our job so enjoyable! Dallas brides have a great sense of style and aren't afraid to do something that hasn't been done before. It could mean a new color combo, or creative, interesting floral, or crazy shoes underneath the gown. No matter what, brides have a clear vision of what their wedding day should look like, and we love to help them make that a reality!

2. Hair - It goes without saying, but we'll mention it anyway: Texas brides have fabulous hair. From long tresses to beautiful updos, Texas and big hair go hand-in-hand. We love it!

3. Bold Use of Color and Light - Mood lighting is huge at the reception. Also, fireworks and sparklers for the send-off make for eye-popping photography!

Photo by Jennifer Yarbro

4. Fun, fun, fun! - Between photobooths, signature cocktails, all-night dance parties, hosting after-parties, serving late night cookies and milk, Texas brides know how to throw a reception!

5. Drama-free Brides - One major characteristic that sets Texas brides apart from, say, some type of New Jersey-esque reality drama is that brides here really are level headed! We never see cat fights or major freak outs like we all love to watch while on the treadmill at the gym ... major kudos on this one, ladies!

6. Southern Manners - Although Texas brides are spunky, smart and savvy; their momma didn't raise no fool. Dallas brides are polite, have manners, and make it a point to do things "by the book" a la Emily Post. There's a reason why some traditions never change, and Texas brides embrace tradition well.

7. Attention to detail - Nothing goes unnoticed: a penny in her shoe for god luck, messages of love and luck written on the soles of her shoes, handwritten vows, an antique lace hankie or grandma's rosary beads wrapped around the bouquet ... personalized details make for a more meaningful event.

8. Amazing Wedding Pros in DFW - Ok, this one isn't why we love brides, but it's why we love to work in DFW - there's a bevvy of exceptionally talented and creative florists, designers, djs, and entertainers in the Metroplex. If variety is the spice of life, then collaborating with awesome vendors makes our job very flavorful, indeed!

9. Focus on What's Important - Many of our brides are opting to take "first glance" pictures before the ceremony. They get a few precious moments with their husband-to-be, and that intimate time is captured forever. We love how it gives the couple a few minutes before the craziness begins to focus on each other. That's what it's all about!

10. Fabulous Food - Weddings in the 'Plex feature masterful menus by some wonderful chefs. Gone are the days of serving pastel mints and cashews in the church lobby. Lord knows, the guests appreciate it!


Robin said...

Haha! GREAT post & so true. Thanks for showcasing us in the "Sassy & Classy" post. You rock!

~Robin & Q

Ken said...

I notice the same trends about Southern brides. Sure, some may poke fun at our Southern ways and Southern accents, but our Southern brides definitely have Class with a Capital C.