Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tie It Up!

For most women, we could file this topic under “who knew?” but it is something our guys have to think about on a daily basis. That is – how to tie a tie! Here we break down the different ways to tie a knot and give some guidance on what is appropriate for your wedding day!

This Windsor Knot is great for a formal affair since it works with spread collars to accommodate a large knot.

The Half Windsor is a smaller, more asymmetrical knot than the Windsor.

The Four-in-Hand knot is a simple, narrow knot that is even more asymmetrical and suitable for all occasions.

The Pratt Knot is symmetrical with medium thickness, and works great for shorter ties. Typically, this is used less often than the other three examples.

Lastly, we have the bowtie. We love the classic, elegant feel the bowtie brings to your guy's formal wear! For tutorials on how to tie the knots correctly, visit here: http://www.totieatie.com/

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Mike said...

Great post, as usual. The bowtie is extremely difficult for beginners. If you're struggling, I recommend tying it on your leg, then loosening it and putting it around your neck.

Thanks for the helpful blog post!