Monday, June 20, 2011

Mix and Match

Matching dresses are a thing of the past so let your friends mix it up! However, mixing it up a little should not stress you out. Here are a few ways to make sure your bridesmaids can be unique but still look fabulous standing side by side.

1. Choose a color palette with swatches of fabric from a fabric store. These colors should all complement one another as well as your wedding theme. Then, let the girls decide what colors are the most flattering for their body type as well as skin and hair color. They can take the swatches with them and find dresses that show off their own personality.

Tip: Give the girls a few guidelines such as dress length, formality level, or a general silhouette, but let them do the rest.

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2. For a bride who is a little more conservative, change the neckline and silhouette of the dresses while keeping the same color and texture. Also, use different jewelry in the same colors for each bridesmaid and let them pick their own shoes.

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Top Necklace:
Bottom Necklace:

3. For bold brides, choose a color palette and let the girls pick their own prints. This goes really well with a wedding that has a vintage or whimsical theme.

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